Great service - huge thanks. The brace supports beautifully and the body of the brace fits well however the velcro strap at the top is not long enough. We purchased the largest size but the support strap does not fit a large thigh. Sigh.
Kim Morgan 03.06.2016, 14:50:40
( 3 )
Very quick process. was notified straight away that they were out of stock but new stock was imminent. Got my brace within a week. This will be my second 875 knee brace. Highly recommended.
Tom Trigg 29.05.2016, 12:17:33
( 5 )
Great product and fast reliable delivery..

Di 05.05.2016, 22:31:57
( 4 )
After a late night order mistake on my behalf, thinking I am left with 2 ankle braces and $75 down.... A quick phone call at 10 pm, they were there and ready to help :)
Got a refund and my brace a day later !
Great service and every better product, worth every penny
Courtney Easton 05.04.2016, 11:48:40
( 5 )
Good service. Fast shipping. Had a lot of trouble finding the right knee guard that has enough support, but I got the one with side bars and it's perfect. Cheers
Max de Tozser 24.02.2016, 19:58:59
( 5 )
This is my 3rd Shock Doctor product and as usual the product fits perfectly. From the Baseball elbow protector you imported for me to my latest purchase, Your customer service is 5 star.
Darrel Holmes 10.02.2016, 14:39:24
( 5 )
Fantastic service, great products and a knowledgeable shop owner. If you need training support, look no further than this on-line store.
Jonathan Finkelstein 09.10.2015, 10:18:39
( 5 )
Good stock delivers fast
jamie 06.08.2013, 15:07:52
( 5 )
I made a mistake myself with payment, you guys were quick to fix my issue and very helpful!
Tom 06.08.2013, 15:07:18
( 5 )
After injuring my knee in martial arts training, I searched various websites for an appropriate knee brace that would assist in my recovery. I found the Silvaback website and ordered the product that evening (it was after 8pm). The order was processed and I received email communication that the order was acknowledged and being processed. As I was having difficulty moving well, I placed a call the next morning requesting a same day courier service at my extra charge. Peter investigated the options for me and as it happened I received the much needed brace that afternoon at NO extra courier charge. This is an awesome product, an easy to navigate website and excellent customer service. In the days of so much Internet business competition, true customer service really distinguishes Silvaback from the rest. Thanks again for all your help
Natasha R 06.08.2013, 15:06:39
( 5 )