ShockDoctor - Wrist Sleeve-Wrap Support 822

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Shock Doctor Wrist Sleeve-Wrap Support 822

Shock Doctor - Wrist Sleeve-Wrap Support 822 provides full range of motion to your wrist along with providing a strong grip. The wrap is adjustable which helps in maintain your skill in performing tasks along with offering protection from discomfort which results from moderate sprains.

The integrated stays are placed at the back of the support. Depending on the extent of the extent of the injury the number of stays can be adjusted which helps in improving the level of your comfort. A gradual progression to the injury can be provided by removing the stays as the injury heals. The size of the sleeve wrap is adjustable which provides optimal comfort and stability.

Features & Benefits:

  • Anti-microbial and moisture wicking
  • Anatomically contoured leather palm
  • Performance Grade 2 for moderate sprains
  • Adjustable size for optimal comfort and stability

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