Shock Doctor - Premium Shoulder and Back Support

Whether it's a strong ground game, judo throws, wrestling manoeuvres, or more torque on your punches, the shoulders and back are integral for both stability and power. Suffering an injury to these areas can diminish your ability to fight, as well as your balance and defence. Shock Doctor's innovative line of sports medicine products are designed to keep you at the top of your game, while at the same time expediting recovery and reducing the risk of re-injury. Like all Shock Doctor products, the shoulder and back supports are equipped with anti-microbial, moisture wicking technology, and feature both flatlock stitching and Lycra mesh to demonstrate a premium assembly. The products perform at a high level and are extremely durable, a necessary component for any mixed martial artist.

Performance Level 2 - Support for moderate sprains, strains and joint pain relief.

Deluxe Back Support - The Deluxe Back Support features an easy to use velcro strap that allows you to adjust the brace to your desired level of comfort and compression. The rear of the support is manufactured with a high quality elastic material with a ventilated rope design. This allows for better moisture wicking and reduction of unnecessary heat. The brace is tapered to maximise support in the back while at the same time minimising the profile at the front. A no-slip lumbar pad increases the stability and comfort of the product.

Performance Level 3 - Support for major sprains, strains and joint pain relief.

Shoulder Support - Multi-position compression and shoulder retention makes the Shock Doctor Shoulder Support ideal for recovery from moderate to major injuries. The low profile design matches the contour of your shoulder, and the stability control straps are stitched with Z-grip closures to provide a wide range of fit.





Shock Doctor - Shoulder Support
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Shock Doctor Core Neck Guard
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