Shock Doctor - High Quality Ankle Support

The ankles provide a strong base and good lateral movement. An injury can significantly compromise your chances of victory. At the same time, sacrificing recovery for performance can also prolong your recuperation or make the injury worse. Shock Doctor's line of sports medicine products are designed to maximise recovery time and comfort without altering performance, as well as providing moisture wicking, anti-microbial technology and a long-lasting assembly.

Performance Level 1 - Support for minor sprains, strains and joint pain relief.


Performance Level 2 - Support for moderate sprains, strains and joint pain relief.

Ankle Stabiliser with Flexible Support Stays - The low profile design gives you full range of motion and can be worn under a shoe. The support is provided by an elastic sleeve with flexible bilateral support stays, and the anatomically contoured footbed moulds to the shape of your foot.

Ankle Sleeve With Wrap Support - A light, low profile sleeve that ensures proper joint alignment and comfort without sacrificing your elvel of performance. The terry-lined wraps give you an adjustable level of compression, eliminating the need for traditional athletic tape.

Performance Level 3 - Support for major sprains, strains and joint pain relief.

Ultra Lace Wrap Ankle - This ankle support is equipped with adjustable straps to mimic a traditional ankle wrap while still providing the compression and tension support of a high quality brace. The synthetic fibre footbed and silicon gripper pattern ensure the wrap maintains proper positioning to produce a more stable and comfortable support.

Ultra Gel Lace Ankle Support - This lace ankle support combines all the innovative features provided by the Lace Wrap Ankle but utilises gel padding for increased mobility as opposed to the tension offered by the wrap.