Shock Doctor - Reinventing Arm Support

The arm plays a critical role in both strikes and a strong ground game. In martial arts, injuries to the wrists and elbows can damage your power and the effectiveness of your manoeuvres. At the same time, it is important not to exacerbate the injury by putting undue stress on the muscles and joints. Shock Doctor's line of sports products have been engineered to enhance recovery without sacrificing performance and comfort. All Shock Doctor products include moisture wicking, anti-microbial technology and a premium build for maximum durability.

Performance Level 1 - Support for minor sprains, strains and joint pain relief.

Wrist Compression Wrap - Maintains wrist strength and stability while providing soft tissue support through compression healing. The quick, easy to wear wrap is unobtrusive and conforms to the shape of your wrist, to maximise comfort and protection while grappling.

Elbow Compression Sleeve - A four way stretch Lycra mesh is strategically placed at the hinge of the elbow, allowing for a natural fit that doesn't bunch or pinch as you bend. The wrap offers soft tissue support that encourages therapeutic blood flow while maintaining proper joint alignment.

Performance Level 2 - Support for moderate sprains, strains and joint pain relief.

Wrist Sleeve-Wrap Support - This brace utilises integrated stays that are placed at the back of the support, staying clear of the palm. The number of stays can be adjusted depending on the extent of the injury and your level of comfort. As the injury heals, the stays can be removed to provide a gradual progression during recovery.

Tennis Elbow Wrap - A low profile, performance grade 2 product made with an integrated air cushion to offer consistent and personalised pressure to the elbow and better pain reduction. The a high density deflector is engineered to prevent discomfort caused by the plastic, and the adjustable overlapping strap provides a customisable compression level for the user.