Shock Doctor - Tennis Elbow Strap 828

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Shock Doctor Tennis Elbow Strap 828

The Shock Doctor-Tennis Elbow Strap 828 guards the elbow area from further injury and also enhances recovery from illness and exertion. As the elbow strap features patented compression technology and air cushion padding for even pressure to relieve tendonitis (A condition in which the tissue connecting muscle to bone becomes inflamed). The elbow strap provides protection from minor to moderate elbow injuries.

The wrap is ideal for tennis and golf players. The soft brushed lining and spandex [elastane] binding helps it to provide comfort and makes it a long-lasting wear. The easy to wear wrap is unobtrusive and gets along with the shape of your elbow which provides maximum comfort while grappling.

Features & Benefits:

  • Provides protection from minor to moderate elbow injuries
  • Ideal for Tennis and Golf players
  • Anti-microbial technology which reduces odour
  • Air cushion pad for providing even pressure

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