Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard

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Gel Max Mouth-Guard

The Gel Max Mouthguard is equipped with a special rubber shock fame with internal jaw pads to absorb impact and protect your jaw, teeth, and brain. The triple-layer design has an integrated breathing channel to improve performance, while the gel fit liner is designed to provide a personalised fit for maximum comfort.

· Gel Fit System

· Exoskeletal Shock frame with integrated padding

· MORA design guarantees a properly positioned bite

· Built-in breathing channel for enhanced performance

· Latex free

This product is not for use with braces. Fitting instructions are included with the mouthguard.

My 16 yr old son copped a boot to the face playing rugby league yesterday. He has 3 stitches above each eye, a swollen nose, stud marks across his face and two swollen, bruised, cut lips. His teeth however are as beautiful as they were before the game. This is entirely due to his mouthguard. Thank you Shock Doctor
Trish McHutchison 19.05.2014, 13:41:00
( 5 )
I really like your company and what it's doing. I currently have the Shock Doctor Max Gel Mouthguard and it is so good. Three times during rugby this term, I got smashed on the chin once and on the front of my mouth, all three occurances did not do any damage to my teeth, for that I am grateful.
Antony Wu 20.03.2014, 07:50:00
( 5 )
not as good as a mouth guard fitted by a dentist but still satisfied with purchase especially for the price $40 vs the dentists fitted $200. Delivery was very quick
Magesh 19.03.2014, 15:21:00
( 4 )
I purchased the mouth guard for my KungF u training and I'm very happy with it. The fitting was reasonably simple and so far I have not lost any of my teeth beside coping a couple of good punches to the mouth
Michael K 19.03.2014, 15:18:00
( 5 )