Shock Doctor Single Braces Mouth Guard

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Single mouth guard for braces - Shock Doctor

FIT SYSTEM: Instant Fit/No Boiling Required
(1) INSTA-FIT™ a special Ortho-Channel fits around brace brackets and adapts to changes in tooth position as braces are adjusted, providing an instant fit and protection from lacerations (2) 100% MEDICAL-GRADE SILICONE for ultimate comfort, no boiling or fitting required

Meets NFHS wrestling rules requiring full coverage of upper brace brackets if an athlete has only upper braces. Latex free.


This mouth guard, made of 100% medical grade silicone (much safer than latex to which some individuals have an allergy) features a channel which fits over brace brackets to alleviate the need for custom fitting or boiling and molding. It is a single, monocoque mouth guard which fits over the top set of teeth and protects them from damage.

Athletes who wear braces must be very careful in their choice of mouth guard. Braces are adjusted ever few weeks as the teeth are gradually moved into a new, preferred position, and a mouth guard must protect the teeth, while still enabling them to move. This mouth guard also keeps the cheeks and gums from being lacerated by the braces brackets.

A Single mouth guard for braces must protect teeth, and the jaw, from both full frontal and sideways impact. The impact of a sudden shock, like being punched in the chin or taking a soccer ball off the mouth, is redirected to the strong molars to prevent harm. There is also less chance of a concussion because the jaw is stabilized.